Witcher-Inspired Collab Lands in Destiny 2 Next Week


Bungie has lifted the lid on a Geralt of Rivia-themed collaboration that’ll pump Destiny 2 full of Witcher-styled gear during Season of the Wish. This new season drops on November 28, and it’s the penultimate season for the much-loved sci-fi shooter released in 2017. In Season of the Wish, players will uncover more story content related to the Witness, and they’ll get access to an all-new dungeon, amongst other things.

Are you ready to spend a little on microtransactions to unlock some awesome Witcher-inspired gear in Destiny 2?

Season of the Witcher

Unfortunately, the announcement of the new Witcher x Destiny 2 collaboration was met with mixed reviews, with many fans claiming that ‘this won’t fix the game’. Some reacted positively, stressing that the new cosmetics look good, but ultimately, it seems many players aren’t overly eager to spend real-world money to pick up the Witcher content in Destiny 2.

In a tweet published by ‘Destiny Bulletin’, it was revealed that the Witcher collaboration will bring brand-new armour ornaments, a Ghost shell, a Sparrow, a ship, an emote, and a finisher. It’s a sizeable collection, but one fan suggested that if they’re all sold separately, it could tally up to as much as $110 all-in.

It’s a great set, but with Destiny 2’s lifecycle coming to a close, the value of these updates is waning somewhat. Can you see yourself investing in the Witcher x Destiny 2 crossover content?

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