Will We See Starfield at the Xbox Games Showcase? – Answered

Starfield Spaceship Hab
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

Regarding Starfield, most players find themselves in one of two camps. You either genuinely love the experience or despise it, calling it the downfall of Bethesda. No matter which category you fall into, we can all admit it’s nice to see a redemption arc, right? Bethesda has an opportunity to expand upon the game in all the right ways, and it begins with the introduction of mods and the game’s first expansion. With that in mind, will we see Starfield at Xbox Games Showcase?

Is Starfield Coming to Xbox Games Showcase?

We know with certainty that Starfield is coming to the Xbox Games Showcase. It won’t receive its deep-dive event following the main showcase like it did last year. That slot is now claimed by Black Ops 6. However, we’ll see more about Starfield during the event, revealing its future, including the expansion and long-awaited, highly-requested features from the community.

What’s Next for Starfield in 2024?

Of course, as is common with these types of events, there have been numerous leaks regarding upcoming announcements and reveals. More specifically, there have been a few surrounding Starfield, but there’s nothing yet to confirm their validity. For now, it’s best to take such leaks with a grain of salt.

In any case, we’d love to see more of Starfield in 2024. More specifically, we hope to see:

  • Starfield Mods
  • Shattered Space (Trailer and Release Date)
  • Land Vehicles (Beyond the short teaser we previously saw)

On a personal note, I’d love to see the studio flesh out the game’s factions, specifically the Bounty Hunters!

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