What is Pax Dei? – Answered

Pax Dei Combat
Image via Mainframe Industries

When you think of the MMORPG genre, your mind likely wanders to the most common titles, like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV. They’re both fantastic in their unique ways, but there’s room for other kids on the block. In steps Pax Dei, an upcoming MMORPG that’s remained off most people’s radars. But what is Pax Dei?

What You Should Know About Pax Dei

Whereas most of the MMORPG genre focuses heavily on end-game dungeons, raids, and PvP for the competitive crowd, some genre titles aim for a more social experience. They want to bring back the community aspect of an MMORPG, and that’s where Pax Dei enters the picture. As for what is Pax Dei, it’s an upcoming sandbox MMO with a strong focus on medieval fantasy, with ghosts and magic.

Like others, it promises the opportunity to join thousands of players, build a homestead, craft stories through emergent gameplay, and build a legend.

Speaking of building, it is supposedly important for your character’s lasting progression within the game world. You can obtain a plot of land, where you’ll build a home, customizing its interior and exterior as you play more.

Furthermore, the items and economy within the game world stem from players. If you purchase a sword, it’s made by a player. The same goes for food, clothing, tools, and magical items.

But it’s not an entirely safe world. Pax Dei features challenging encounters as you delve deeper into its game world. The Wilderness hosts evil beings, mysterious powers, and Clans that you’ll fight against for power and resources.

When Does Pax Dei Release?

Regarding the official release date of Pax Dei, the MMORPG enters Early Access on Steam on June 18. There, it features numerous packages with varying levels of rewards and bonuses, including the following:

  • Journeyman
  • Artisan
  • Master

These three tiers cost increasingly more but come with additional bonuses, such as character slots, plots of land, and crafting recipes.

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