The Biggest Improvements in the Starfield May Update

Starfield Frontier at Landing Pad
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While it received a rather lukewarm response due to a lack of direction and relatively tame design choices overall, Starfield continues to receive support from developer Bethesda Game Studios. In the latest release, the Starfield May Update, we’ll see numerous quality-of-life features, display setting tweaks, and improvements across the board.

What Are the Biggest Features in the Starfield May Update?

There are so many bug fixes, improvements, and new bits of content to explore in the Starfield May update that we can’t list everything here. But the most prominent features include:

  • Improved surface maps
  • Inventory navigation tabs
  • New gameplay options under Settings
  • Ship Decorations
  • Change Traits and Appearance after Unity
  • Dialogue camera toggles
  • Xbox Series X display settings improvements
Starfield City Map
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Personally, I’m most excited about the improved surface maps, which allow us to properly navigate the game’s cities and settlements with greater ease. But in a close second, the ship decorations will consume much of my time. The one feature I wanted most from the ship customization and construction feature in Starfield was the ability to personalize the interior of my ship. I want to fly the Serenity, damn it!

How Big is the Starfield May Update?

If you’re preparing to play the game today after work or school, you might want someone to download the Starfield May update on your behalf. It’s not the biggest update, but it clocks around 15 GB.

You can download and install the update on a relatively quick internet connection in ten to fifteen minutes. But not everyone is lucky enough to have fast internet, and then there are data caps to consider, so plan ahead, explorers!

Is Starfield Worth Playing Now?

As someone who genuinely enjoyed Starfield from the get-go, I think it was always a fun experience and worth playing. However, I completely understand everyone’s reservations. It occasionally felt empty and soulless. To their credit, however, Bethesda continues to work on the game and improve it significantly, and this new update is a testament to their resolve.

The May update includes so many highly requested quality-of-life features, like city maps, that it’s worth diving in again for another playthrough!

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