Starfield Is Getting Land Vehicles In The Future

Starfield is finally getting land vehicles…at some point.

As part of Bethesda’s overview video discussing the Starfield’s upcoming May update, lead creative producer Tim Lamb showed up to tease what the developers are working on for the future.

“The team is working on our first land vehicle, so you can drive around on planets,” Lamb said while the video cuts to an extremely short clip of the vehicle in action. You can see it in action in the short clip below.

In addition to the development of land vehicles, Bethesda is working on addition quests as well as the Shattered Space expansion that’s planned for launch later this year.

Not only is the release date of land vehicles to Starfield unknown, but it’s also unclear if it will be a free update or part of the aforementioned expansion. With the excitement that’s expected from players around the feature, an update on the addition should be coming sooner rather than later.

What do you think of Starfield finally getting land vehicles, and when do you think they’ll be added to the game? For more Insider Gaming, read about the early success of Gray Zone Warfare just days after launching in Early Access.