How to Fix “Join Failed Different Version” in Warzone

Warzone Buggy
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It’s certainly not a new error code popping up lately, but if you’re one of the many dealing with the “join failed different version” in Warzone, it’s rather annoying. Here are a few potential fixes to help you get back into the FPS!

How to Fix the Joined Failed Error in Warzone

While booting up the first-person shooter, attempting to join your friends for a match or two, you may experience the “join failed because you are on a different version” error in Warzone or Modern Warfare 3. It’s a common problem when attempting to play with friends online. But thankfully, there are fixes available, such as:

  • Close out of the game and check for a pending update. If you don’t find one in the queue, force your system to scan the game’s files. This process typically brings up any waiting updates in the background.
  • Sometimes, shutting down the game and relaunching it is enough to solve the problem. If you don’t have an update waiting and nothing comes up from the scan, try relaunching the game and joining the lobby again.
  • It’s a last-ditch effort, and hopefully, one that doesn’t cost you too much time, but restarting your PC or console can help resolve the problem.

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What Causes the Join Failed Because of Different Version in Warzone Error?

You might experience this error code in Warzone and MW3 for several reasons. First and foremost, the most common cause is your game is outdated. You require the most recent patch to play online.

But that’s only one potential cause. It may also stem from background files failing to install correctly following the most recent update. In such cases, you can usually repair the game file, which is simple to accomplish on Steam by accessing the game’s properties menu and verifying the integrity of game files.

Thankfully, this error code isn’t usually too problematic but slightly annoying.

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