Where to Find The Hexagon Key in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Soon after you meet the Merchant for the first time in the Abandoned Factory Grounds during Chapter 2 of the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) Remake, you’ll come to a locked gate with a Hexagon-shaped Slot next to it. That slot is designed to accept a special hexagon key, so you’re going to have to find it, bring it back here, and solve a brief puzzle. Fortunately, the hexagon key is not particularly well hidden, although it is very well guarded.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon Key Location

Follow the path leading southeast opposite the Hexagon-shaped Slot gate, then climb the ladder next to the locked gate. You’ll now be on a platform overlooking a Valley criss-crossed by wooden platforms and dotted with ramshackle buildings. You’ll also be able to see a small tower with a large weathervane on top of it. The Resident Evil 4 hexagon key (or Hexagonal Emblem, as the game calls it) is attached to that tower. There are a lot of enemies in this area, and you’re going to need to kill most (if not all) of them to get the hexagon key then return to the Hexagon-shaped Slot.

Fortunately, you’re just bought lots of new weapons and upgrades from the Merchant, so you’re up for a fight, right? If not, don’t drop off the platform by the gate until you’ve gone back and gotten thoroughly tooled up. There’s a yellow herb in the small building next to the gate, by the way. To reach the hexagon key, you need to get inside the building it’s on top of, either through the window at the front or the one at the side, and climb the ladder to the roof.

How to Use The Hexagon Key

To escape the Valley, you need to go up the path on the northeast edge of it, and turn the wheel to open the gate. Now you can go back to the Hexagon-shaped Slot, and put the Hexagonal Emblem (a.k.a. the Resident Evil 4 hexagon key) in it. Putting it in is a little bit of a puzzle. Rotate it until the bird is facing the opposite way to the one on the slot, then turn it around and put it in. It will become a handle that you can turn to open the gate and continue progressing through the Resident Evil 4 remake.