Where to Find Saurian in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Throughout many hours of adventuring in Dragon’s Dogma 2, I’ve bested many competent, challenging foes. And then there were the Saurians. These annoying lizard-like creatures slither away mid-battle, begging you to chase them down, and will usually call in reinforcements like a bunch of babies. Here’s where to find and how to beat Saurians in Dragon’s Dogma 2!

Where to Find Saurians in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You can find Saurians scattered throughout the wilderness in Dragon’s Dogma 2, though they’re most likely to spawn around bodies of water and rivers. Most of my encounters occur just outside of Vernworth, around the river running to the north of the city through the woods.

As you travel directly north or south, you’ll likely find more Saurians spawning as you’re coming up on the ocean and large rivers. If you head east from Vernworth, there’s an entire village overtaken by Saurians, and you can help the citizens there retake their settlement and begin rebuilding following such a calamity.

Furthermore, outside Melve to the north, you’ll uncover a nest of Saurians attempting to infringe upon the village. You can help Ser Lennart deal with the problem in a side quest!

How to Beat Saurians in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Saurians fight with unmerciful brutality. They typically attack in pairs, though you’ll usually spot just one or two at a time; it won’t be long before reinforcements arrive.

Furthermore, they’re incredibly aggressive. If you don’t take the fight to them and end it quickly, Saurians will continuously retreat using their slithering tactics and then recuperate to launch another attack. They leap into the air, slam the ground with their spears, spit liquid over you, and swing with wild abandon. 

To defeat Saurians, you must remain aggressive yet also defensive. Their attacks hit hard, and you can’t easily dodge them in Dragon’s Dogma 2. As such, you must rely on your ability to block or use skills to leap out of the way.

Your goal is to get the Saurian on its back on the ground. From this point, you can walk up and perform a power attack that deals critical damage. If you’re playing a Fighter, use your Shield Bash ability to knock them over the side of a cliff. It’s a one-way trip!

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