Can You Mod Dragon’s Dogma 2? – Answered

One of life’s little joys when gaming on PC is the ability to mod. For instance, you can take a seemingly realistic and serious role-playing game and insert the John Cena theme each time you enter a building. It’s just pure, unadulterated fun. But can you mod Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 Support Modding?

In the past, Capcom stated they disapproved of modding. They liken it to cheating, for whatever reason, and as such, have a relatively hardline stance against altering your game. That said, no official word on mod support for Dragon’s Dogma 2 exists. But the RPG is running on the RE Engine, which is highly moddable. We fully expect to see Dragon’s Dogma 2 mods shortly after release, even without official mod support or community tools, so fingers crossed!

What Types of Mods Might We See for Dragon’s Dogma 2?

As an expansive open-world RPG, DD2 offers plenty of possibilities regarding mods. We’ll likely see additions to the Pawn system, unique weapons and armor, perhaps some enemies, and a handful of points of interest scattered about the map.

That’s on the more realistic side of the spectrum. It won’t be long before we’re fighting alongside Godzilla or the Teletubbies or wielding the iconic purple sword from Saints Row—you know the one!

What would you like to see from official or unofficial mod support for the RPG?

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