Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 Run at 60 FPS on PC? – Answered

As PC gamers, we want the very best performance and graphics combined, which usually means running a beast of a computer. But as video games become more optimized and developers put more care into their products, it’s possible to hit higher framerates, like Dragon’s Dogma 2’s 60 FPS on PC. Is it possible?

Is Dragon’s Dogma 2 60 FPS on PC?

Unlike consoles, Dragon’s Dogma 2 will target 60 FPS on PC. The open-world RPG is shooting for native 4K and 60 frames-per-second from the get-go, a nice touch from Capcom.

Of course, whether or not your system can handle 60 FPS and 4K is another story altogether. I know that mine can’t touch 4K currently, but fingers crossed for the future. If you can run the game at its intended settings, you’re in for quite the treat!

Is Dragon’s Dogma 2 60 FPS on Consoles?

Unfortunately, the console versions of Dragon’s Dogma 2 will have an approximate frame rate of 30 FPS to improve stability and performance on either system. This could fluctuate, of course, with the actual range somewhere between 20 to 40 FPS.

We hope this doesn’t mean wildly varying framerates on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S, but that’s likely the case. There’s expected to be a day-one patch to improve performance and iron out some bugs, as is common with the industry today.

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