Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 Have Denuvo? – Answered

Whenever an exciting title is announced, as the hype begins to build, it dies off quickly when the studio announces the inclusion of Denuvo. It’s become something of a plague on the PC gaming community, and some won’t even touch a game with its support included. Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 have Denuvo? Will you skip it if it does?

Does Dragon’s Dogma 2 Use Denuvo?

Unfortunately, Dragon’s Dogma 2 does feature Denuvo. The game’s Steam store page confirms it, but Capcom has not discussed the DRM in the upcoming RPG.

As there’s no word from the publisher or developer, we can only assume they have zero plans to remove Denuvo from Dragon’s Dogma 2 in the future following the game’s release. But that’s typically what occurs. Following the game’s launch, once initial sales have come through the pipeline, the studio announces that they’re removing DRM as a “pro-consumer” move for all.

What is Denuvo?

Denuvo is an anti-tamper software designed to prevent piracy of new releases. More often than not, it’s short-lived, however, as community members crack through the DRM.

However, for those who outright purchase the product in support of the studio, DRM often proves problematic. It limits modding, requires online verification, and some claim it reduces overall performance. Sure, there are some myths and rumors regarding Denuvo, but many of the issues could also be blown out of proportion.

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