Where to Buy Escape From Tarkov

EFT Double-Barrel Shotgun
Image via Battlestate Games

Whether you’re curious about the recent controversies or, unfortunately, quickly discovering that Gray Zone Warfare isn’t hardcore enough for you, learning where to buy Escape From Tarkov is usually the next step. It’s one of the most complex and gorgeous extraction shooters on the market, making it challenging to ignore. Here is where to get Escape From Tarkov these days!

How to Buy Escape From Tarkov

If you want Escape From Tarkov, visit the studio’s official website. They have a pre-order landing page available where you can explore the game’s various editions, along with a handful of expansions. These expansions include stash upgrades, a PvE cooperative mode, and apparel cosmetic unlocks.

As for the various editions of Escape From Tarkov available to buy, you can choose from the following:

  • The Unheard Edition
    • $250
  • Prepare for Escape Edition
    • $110
  • Left Behind Edition
    • $82
  • Standard Edition
    • $50

You can upgrade if you wish to buy the Standard Edition and find you genuinely enjoy the game and want the additional benefits of one of the more expensive versions. I started with the Standard Edition in January 2017 before quickly upgrading to Edge of Darkness in March 2017. You’ll pay the difference, perhaps with a slight discount, depending on current prices and sales.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that the prices listed here are for the game and do not include taxes and fees. They use Xsolla for digital purchases, which means plenty of fees to swallow when purchasing Escape From Tarkov.

Is Escape From Tarkov Coming to Steam?

Currently, Escape From Tarkov is not yet available on Steam. In the past, developer Battlestate Games expressed interest in bringing their hardcore extraction shooter to the digital platform. However, I don’t see that happening. They don’t have control over Steam. And with Steam’s refund policy, buying Escape From Tarkov there is fantastic for the consumer but less so for the Russian studio.

Now, that’s not to say it won’t ever happen. Steam is a massive platform and a vast pool of players for any developer. It’d be foolish to ignore it outright.

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