How to Customize Weapons in Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare AK
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If you’re like me, then one of the key selling points of a tactical shooter lies in its customization. I love to customize my weapons and character in the most tacticool way possible, and Gray Zone Warfare doesn’t disappoint. It features hundreds of weapon attachments to help you customize your weapons to your liking! Here’s how it all works!

How to Customize Your Weapon in Gray Zone Warfare

To customize your weapons in Gray Zone Warfare, I’d suggest waiting until you’re back at base to avoid someone sneaking up on you. Once there, open up your inventory (Hotkey: Tab) and select the weapon you wish to alter. Click ‘inspect’ on the gun, and it will open up the below menu, showcasing the variety of parts and attachments currently on the firearm.

Gray Zone Warfare Weapon Customization
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From here, you can drag and drop components to customize your rifle to your liking. Some attachments won’t fit without additional parts, however. For instance, some sights and grips require a unique handguard or mount attachment. For example, if you wish to attach an ACOG to your M4A1, then you must first purchase an ACOG Mount, which you can buy from Gunny for $94. That said, if you intend to mount a sight on your rifle, you’ll want to remove the Carrying Handle. The ACOG can attach to the Carrying Handle, but it’s bulky. Conversely, the holographic sights cannot attach to the Carrying Handle. They require a Picatinny rail.

There will be some trial and error unless you spend a lot of time reading every item description thoroughly!

Where to Buy Weapon Attachments in Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare Weapon Attachments
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Once you tackle a few tasks from the vendors and earn a bit of in-game cash to spend on new equipment, then you’ll want to start exploring the various weapon attachments in Gray Zone Warfare. There are hundreds to purchase and unlock. Most will work with your starting equipment, like the M4 or Glock. Others, however, require other weapons that you may buy from Gunny.

Speaking of Gunny, he’ll sell you all the weapon attachments you need. You can buy optics, stocks, grips, barrels, suppressors, magazines, and more. It’s a fantastic way to personalize your weapon and fit into the PMC persona!

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