How to Use the Helicopter in Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare Landing Pad
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Unless you intend to traverse the entirety of Lamang on foot, which appears possible but impossible simultaneously, you’ll want to utilize the helicopter insertion/extraction mechanics in Gray Zone Warfare. But the game doesn’t explain much. Here is how to use the helicopter in Gray Zone Warfare!

How to Use Helicopter Insertion

You have multiple options for using the helicopter insertion in Gray Zone Warfare. If you don’t mind sitting around, sorting your inventory, or accepting tasks, you can wait near the landing pad in the far corner of your base. There are usually a couple of Little Bird helicopters rotating in and out continuously.

Gray Zone Warfare Little Bird
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Alternatively, open the map and select the landing pad you wish to travel to, not the one you’re standing beside. If you choose the one you’re next to, the pilot will warn you that it’s “within your vicinity” and refuse to land. But if you choose, say, Hotel 2 while you’re waiting at the base landing pad, then the helicopter will land at the base, pick you up, and then drop you off at Hotel 2!

How to Use Helicopter Exfiltration

Gray Zone Warfare Call Extraction
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While you’re out in the field, you can call for a landing zone pickup by, once again, opening your map. This time, select one of the landing zones out in the field, then choose “Call Transport” from the pop-up in the top right corner of the map HUD.

If a helicopter is available and not already on the way, one will be dispatched to your selected landing zone. It does take some time, however. Furthermore, the Little Bird proves rather distinctly noisy, and enemies will flock to your position if they know an extract is incoming. It’s an easy kill and loot if you’re unprepared for an assault.

Keep an eye on your surroundings!

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