How To Fix Frame Rate Issues In Gray Zone Warfare

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Gray Zone Warfare is out now as an early access title, but it hasn’t hit the market without a few teething issues. It’s an open-world extraction shooter built on a foundation that aims to be deeply realistic, so it’s a fairly strenuous title for your PC. Since it was released on April 30, some users have been experiencing frame rate issues in Gray Zone Warfare – but this guide will help you fix them once and for all.

How to Get Rid of Frame Rate Stutters in Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare is a fairly demanding game, but as long as you optimise your setup effectively, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy this ambitious shooter from MADFINGER Games. It has taken the extraction shooter genre by storm, bringing in elements of other genres, such as milsim shooters and tactical FPS games, and offering users a perfect fusion.

If you’re having frame rate issues in Gray Zone Warfare, here’s a snapshot guide you can follow to eliminate them:

First, make sure your hardware drivers are up to date – that should be your initial concern when troubleshooting frame rate issues in any game.

Here are top tips to make Gray Zone Warfare run better on Nvidia GPUs:


  • Use FSR with Frame Generation On
  • Super Resolution: Performance or Balanced


  • Use DLSS
  • Set Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling as ‘On’ in your Windows Display Settings to enable DLSS Frame Generation

Here are the best tips to make Gray Zone Warfare run better on AMD GPUs:

  • Use FSR with Frame Generation On
  • Super Resolution: Performance or Balanced

And finally, the best tips for Gray Zone Warfare players using Intel GPUs:

  • Use XeSS

MADFINGER Games has advised that teething issues should work themselves out once a player has got far enough into the game to have rendered a fair portion of the map. At all times, the team is working hard to improve the performance of Gray Zone Warfare, but it ultimately comes down to making sure that your PC can handle the game’s minimum specs.

There are some more generic pieces of advice we can offer:

  • Drop your frame rate or game quality to try and improve performance
  • Close background applications that are hogging resources
  • Recognise that this is an early access game and issues like this can surface!

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