How to Complete Little Bird Down in Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare Landing Zone
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Please keep in mind that I’m playing on Mithras, and as such, the location of your crashed helicopter may change depending on your faction and starting zone. It will likely spawn in a similar area to your starting town, so check the area past your village. In any case, here is how to complete Little Bird Down in Gray Zone Warfare!

Where to Find the Little Bird in Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare Crashed Little Bird
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Once you finish your starting quests in the early game of Gray Zone Warfare, the world somewhat opens up to you, albeit slowly. You’ll receive fewer coordinates and less guidance from quest givers, but your objectives only slowly push you out of the starting zone.

Take, for instance, Little Bird Down. It’s an early-game quest to track down a crashed helicopter and its crew. The only hint is that it’s north of the gas station, a vast open space of land to scour.

You’ll note my green player icon if you check this map below. It’s directly on top of the Little Bird’s location, just to the immediate north of the gas station and slightly southwest of landing zone Bravo 3.

Gray Zone Warfare Crashed Little Bird Location
Screenshot by Insider Gaming

If you have this landing zone unlocked, request an insertion to this point, then walk the short distance through the rice paddies to the downed helicopter. It’s sitting in a bush just before the trees.

Where to Find the Crew in Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare Helicopter Crew
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After locating the helicopter, your quest updates. Your new goal is to track down the crew to discover what happened.

You’ll find a single cabin sitting between two fields a short distance from the downed bird. A handful of guards are watching over the area, usually three or four circling the structure, but the interior is clear.

Screenshot by Insider Gaming

If you require a little help, check the map above. My player icon is directly beside the hut, north of its location.

Once you clear the hostiles, enter the building, and you’ll find your objective in the back room.

Return to base camp and finish up with the vendor!

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