When is the Marvel Rivals Release Date?

Marvel Rivals Hulk Attack
Image via NetEase Games

It feels like it’s been awhile since we had an excellent team-based hero action game—at least one done right. It’s entirely possible the superheroes of Marvel help reignite the love for the genre, but only time will tell. With that in mind, when is the Marvel Rivals release date?

When Does Marvel Rivals Release?

Unfortunately, there is no official release date for Marvel Rivals currently, though early 2025 is the expected release window. The studio behind the game, NetEase Games, intends to host a Closed Beta in May. Supposedly, this Closed Beta was initially meant for April, with an additional Beta period in May. However, it appears their schedule didn’t work as intended.

However, whether this means the game itself will receive a delay remains to be seen. It’s unlikely, as they appear confident with their upcoming test. The studio doesn’t even require an NDA for those with access!

When Can You Play the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha?

If you wish to take part in the upcoming Closed Alpha for Marvel Rivals, available on Steam and Epic Games Store, it will occur this month, on May 10. The beta period will feature 6v6 team-based hero combat, with 12 heroes to choose from, including Black Panth, Spider-Man, and Magneto.

For the most part, it appears press and content creators will receive access to the Marvel Rivals Closed Alpha. However, developer NetEase Games did state they will reveal additional ways to join the upcoming fun. They’ll likely give away keys on their social media accounts.

If you previously signed up to take part in the Closed Alpha, you’ll receive an email with installation instructions and an invite once chosen.

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