What is Arena Breakout: Infinite? – Answered

Arena Breakout: Infinite Squad
Image via Morefun Studios

Following the recent controversy with the extraction shooter genre’s leading title, Escape From Tarkov, it appears like Arena Breakout: Infinite came out of nowhere. However, despite appearances, the upcoming first-person shooter on PC stems from a mobile game set within the same universe. Infinite, however, aims to create an ultra-realistic immersive simulation, focusing heavily on looting and extraction elements, but for PC. Here’s what you should know about the upcoming FPS!

What to Know About Arena Breakout: Infinite

What is Arena Breakout: Infinite? Many people are wondering right now due to the recent announcement and controversy surrounding other extraction shooters. The upcoming FPS from developer Morefun Studios promises an “ultra-real immersive military simulation” with a strong focus on shooting, looting, and raiding.

They boast extensive weapon customization, high-quality audio, tactical gameplay, extraction shooter elements done right, and a full-fledged anti-cheat system, with in-game reports, to keep cheaters out of the mix. Whether or not they succeed, however, remains to be seen.

For now, however, Infinite appears like a top contender for many players to replace Escape From Tarkov. All of them? Unlikely. But many will switch over, especially if the game is free-to-play.

How to Play Arena Breakout: Infinite

As of right now, the only way to play Arena Breakout: Infinite is to gain access to the upcoming closed beta period, which will last throughout May. The developer is giving away keys like candy on social media and Discord, as giveaways with content creators and press, and simply for signing up on their website requesting access. The latter is how I received a code to play the beta, and it’s well worth your time to sign up!

Eventually, however, the first-person shooter will launch on PC. There’s even a Steam page up for the extraction shooter right now!

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