How to Turn Off Crossplay in MW3

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By default, crossplay features are enabled on Modern Warfare 3. They allow you to play the competitive first-person shooter across all systems, with PC, PlayStation, and Xbox players in the same lobby. Some players don’t like this feature, though. It makes a mess of most lobbies. Here is how to turn off crossplay in MW3!

How to Disable Crossplay in Modern Warfare 3

It’s tough to deny that, for the most part, players on PC prove more accurate than those on console. The ability to use a mouse and keyboard in a first-person shooter ensures greater accuracy and, unfortunately, can ruin the experience for console players. As such, you may want to shut off crossplay MW3. Here’s how for each system:

How to Turn Off Crossplay on PlayStation

On PlayStation, open your Modern Warfare and navigate to the Account & Network option under the game settings in the top right corner. Once there, scroll down until you find Crossplay. Then, shut it off.

It’s so easy on PlayStation!

How to Turn Off Crossplay on Xbox

While playing Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox, open your game and access the settings from the main menu. Specifically, you’re after Privacy and Online Safety. Within this particular settings menu, select Communication and Multiplayer, then change the toggle to “Block.”

In doing so, you’ll prevent any players from other systems from joining your lobby!

How to Turn Off Crossplay on PC

Unfortunately, if you’re playing Modern Warfare 3 on PC, you cannot disable crossplay features. They’re on by default, with no off switch.

That said, as previously mentioned, most players on mouse and keyboard have an accuracy bonus of at least +1, thanks to their quick mouse-clicking skills. Just aim for the head and click!

That said, even if you use a controller on PC, you’re stuck with an open lobby with a mix of players from all systems. It’s just how the PC ecosystem is these days.

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