How to Get Barebones Kills in MW3

Warzone Stock Glock
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will put you through the wringer if you wish to tackle the game’s many challenges to earn unlockable rewards. One such challenge requires barebones kills in MW3, and it’s tough. The challenge isn’t overly clear about what constitutes a barebones kill, but that’s why we’re here to help!

How to Get Barebones Kills in MW3

Barebones kills in MW3 involve using a weapon with zero attachments to kill another player. For instance, you must run a stock M4 in multiplayer.

However, you’re likely tackling the Haymaker challenge for the JAK Maglift Kit, right? In that case, you’ll want to run the Haymaker completely bare, with no attachments, for a few rounds. The Haymaker is an exceptional CQB shotgun with high damage and a fast fire rate; you’ll find no issue scoring the necessary barebones kills to unlock the kit!

Easiest Weapons to Achieve Barebones Kills

Personally, I find that fast-firing submachine guns, automatic shotguns, and a pistol while playing hardcore game modes prove the most accessible for acquiring barebones kills in MW3. The standard Glock, with zero attachments, in hardcore is how I accomplished this challenge in my game.

But if you’re uncomfortable with a single-fire handgun, there’s nothing wrong with that. A high DPS submachine gun or hard-hitting shotgun will suffice, especially with how close-quarters most of the game’s multiplayer maps are these days!

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