When Is Fallout 5 Coming Out?

when is fallout 5 coming out

Fallout 4 was released way back in 2015, and since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the follow-up title that’ll expand the franchise even further. However, Bethesda Game Studios seems to have other plans, refusing to make any real announcements. So, when is Fallout 5 coming out, and what exactly does BGS have in store for us?

Is Fallout 5 Real?

Technically, no – Fallout 5 isn’t real. At least, it hasn’t yet been developed, and as far as we know, it isn’t going to be developed any time soon. In May 2022, Bethesda’s Todd Howard explained that there’s an idea for Fallout 5 and that a ‘one-pager’ exists that essentially breaks down what the team wants from the game, but that’s as far as it goes.

This statement was dropped in an interview with IGN, and it essentially made Todd Howard the first-ever representative of Bethesda to openly use the name ‘Fallout 5’. It’s more or less inevitable that Fallout 5 will drop, given the overwhelming success of the franchise thus far, but there are some massive projects in the way of it.

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For instance, in 2023, Starfield will release, and it’s penned as being one of the most highly anticipated and ambitious games in the history of the business. Not only that, but Bethesda Game Studios is also hard at work creating The Elder Scrolls VI, which has been in development for years.

These gargantuan games take priority over the next instalment in the Fallout franchise, but that could mean that any Fallout 5 release date won’t be revealed for several years to come.

Will Fallout 5 Be Multiplayer?

when is fallout 5 coming out
Will BGS want to risk repeating the mistakes it made with Fallout 76?

So, when is Fallout 5 coming out? We just don’t know. But when it does launch, will Fallout 5 be multiplayer? That’s something that we can’t confirm, either.

In 2018, Bethesda Game Studios released Fallout 76, the series’ first multiplayer title, to an underwhelming and generally disappointing reception. It was a failed title from the get-go, and it has taken years for the developer to regain some sorely lost ground with it.

It doesn’t seem likely that Bethesda Game Studios would be too eager to replicate that failure with Fallout 5, but perhaps the developer has learned from its mistakes and would deliver the next multiplayer Fallout product a little better.

For instance, fans have long desired a cooperative Fallout title rather than a massively multiplayer one, so that’s something that Bethesda Game Studios could look into.

We’d all love to know when Fallout 5 is coming out, but it seems like that all-exciting date may not arrive for several more years.