What’s Included in the Fallout 4 Next Gen Update? – Answered

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Whether you’ve spent countless hundreds of hours exploring the world of Fallout 4 or you’re brand-new to the game following the massive success of Amazon’s series, it’s finally time for the biggest update of them all. The Fallout 4 next-gen update will hit next-gen systems and PC on April 25th, but what’s included? Let’s dive in and find out!

Everything Included in the Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update

It’s important to note that, per Bethesda’s blog post, it appears the next-gen update for Fallout 4 is separated into two categories: upgrades for next-gen consoles and updates for PC. Let’s start with the consoles:

  • Performance Mode and Quality Mode on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.
  • Stability improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • 60 frames-per-second
  • Increased regulations
  • Quest fixes (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)
  • Login fixes (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)

For those playing Fallout 4 on PC, the next-gen update includes:

  • Widescreen and Ultra-widescreen support
  • Creation Kit fixes
  • Quest updates
  • Stability improvements
  • Mods and bug fixes
  • Japanese and Chinese language login issue fixes

Furthermore, Fallout 4 will launch on the Epic Games Store.

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All New Content in the Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update

Furthermore, the next-gen update includes a ton of new content, primarily Creation Club items, that will become available for everyone who owns the game completely free. These include:

  • Enclave Colonel Uniform
  • Enclave Weapon Skins
  • Enclave Armor Skins
  • Tesla Cannon
  • Hellfire Power Armor
  • X-02 Power Armor
  • Heavy Incinerator
  • Makeshift Weapon Pack
    • Baseball Launcher
    • Nail Gun
    • Piggy Bank
  • Halloween Workshop
    • 38 Halloween-themed decorations

You’ll note that most of these items were previously available in the Creation Club, but everyone will receive them free. Unfortunately, if you already purchased credits and unlocked these items, there doesn’t appear to be any compensation.

But that’s not the end of the new content! We’ll also receive Enclave Remnants—a new questline in which you prevent The Enclave from gaining a foothold in The Commonwealth.

Is Fallout 4 worth playing in 2024? We’re big fans of the Fallout franchise here at Insider Gaming, but we’d like to know what you think, too!

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