What is the New World Aeternum Release Date? – Answered

New World City
Image via Amazon Game Studios

Following a somewhat rocky launch initially, Amazon Game Studios managed to breathe life into their fledgling MMORPG, New World, through massive content updates and the launch of an excellent expansion, Rise of the Angry Earth. But with player numbers dwindling on PC, it’s time for something new. Here is what we know about the New World Aeternum release date!

When Does New World Aeternum Release?

Thanks to the Summer Game Fest, we know the New World Aeternum release date is October 15, 2024. The MMORPG, which first launched in September 2021, will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year.

Alongside the console launch, we’ll likely see complete controller support on PC. If you’ve been waiting to play the MMO with a controller—a chance to lounge around and explore the world of Aeternum in all its glory—then now is your chance to return to the fold.

New World features one of the genre’s most impressive resource-gathering and crafting systems, and it’s one of the reasons why I returned to the game frequently.

What Else is Amazon Game Studios Working On?

Alongside New World Aeternum launching on consoles this year, Amazon Game Studios is working on a handful of other titles. For one, they’re working on a Tomb Raider game. Secondly, there are talks of a full-fledged Lord of the Rings MMORPG running on the same engine that powers New World.

We’ll know more about these projects in the coming days and weeks, and then we’ll make sure you know!

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