When is The First Descendant Release Date? – Answered

As a massive fan of the looter-shooter genre, I’m always open to upcoming projects that offer something unique. I love to grind, I love loot, and I definitely love the looks of The First Descendant. Here is what we know about The First Descendant release date!

When is The First Descendant Coming Out?

Thanks to an announcement and brand-new trailer at Summer Game Fest, we know The First Descendant comes out on July 2. We are less than a month away from the time of this writing until the next big looter-shooter hits the market!

The First Descendant is an Unreal Engine 5 RPG with fast-paced shooter mechanics and loot that we all love to discover in a zany game world. It looks phenomenal, with a strong focus on customization and world-building.

Humanity has embraced the destiny left by their predecessors, the ‘Ancestors’, and have become the Descendants. The Vulgus (an alien race) started a war to fulfill the will of their predecessors, the survival of their species. The mission of the Colossi (large beings) cannot be revealed, but they consider it a curse.

The First Descendant’s universe begins with the clash of those who inherited the fate of their predecessors. Whether this tragic fate can be severed in this generation, or will be passed on to the next generation, all depends on the Descendant, who will become the player’s avatar.

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What Systems is The First Descendant On?

Currently, we know The First Descendant plans to release on the following systems:

  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5

It’s a bit too late for the supported systems to change significantly, considering we’re less than one month away from release, but you never know!

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