The First Descendant Release Date Revealed in New Trailer

the first descendant

Last month, Nexon Games published a lengthy story trailer for The First Descendant, setting up an ambitious backstory for this looter-shooter title that has been in development for several years. It was first revealed back in 2022, and from the get-go, it has boasted sumptuous visuals courtesy of Unreal Engine 5 and traditional RPG mechanics mixed with high-octane shooter elements.

At the Summer Games Fest showcase, Nexon revealed another trailer for The First Descendant, showcasing a glorious and emotional few minutes of this hype-laden title and revealing that it’s being released on July 2, 2024.

The Story So Far

This third-person shooter that fuses powerful abilities with heavy customisation has lofty goals. It’s not your average action game – in the trailer published by Nexon in May, the core story of the game was outlined, revealing deep and meaty lore that players should enjoy getting their teeth into:

Humanity has embraced the destiny left by their predecessors, the ‘Ancestors’, and have become the Descendants. The Vulgus (an alien race) started a war to fulfill the will of their predecessors, the survival of their species. The mission of the Colossi (large beings) cannot be revealed, but they consider it a curse.

The First Descendant’s universe begins with the clash of those who inherited the fate of their predecessors. Whether this tragic fate can be severed in this generation, or will be passed on to the next generation, all depends on the Descendant, who will become the player’s avatar.

In the all-new trailer released to showcase The First Descendant at Summer Game Fest, it was confirmed that it’ll be released on July 2, 2024 on all platforms. Here’s the trailer in all its glory:

Are you looking forward to this super ambitious game?

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