What Is Going On With The NFL 2K Game?

What Is Going On With The NFL 2K Game?

Since its announcement in 2020, football fans have been wondering what exactly is going on with the NFL game in development from 2K Sports. During a live Q&A on Insider Gaming’s YouTube channel, I discussed what was happening behind the scenes.

According to multiple sources close to the game’s status, the development of the NFL 2K game has been “restarted” at least twice since it began. To be clear, this isn’t a case of the development itself not going well. More so, this is a case of the game going in a different direction that required major changes to be made.

Revealed almost three years ago, the NFL and 2K Sports reached an agreement for 2K Sports to release its first NFL video game since NFL 2K5. However, due to EA Sports currently having exclusive simulation rights to the NFL, the game is expected to be an arcade-style game.

No details about what exactly the game would entail have ever been made public by 2K Sports. That said, the company did say at the time the agreement was announced that the new games would be “a deep, fun, and very authentic product offering”. 

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