Insider Information: Why Doesn’t Madden Have Create A Team?

Madden Create A Team

When looking at sports video games, fans love the ability to create their own teams with unique looks, stadiums, and rosters. And while most sports titles have that now, one franchise remains an outsider: Madden NFL. Madden NFL 12 was the last installment to have a “full” team creation suite, allowing players to choose a logo, design uniforms, and more. But why doesn’t Madden — including Madden NFL 24 — have create a team anymore?

According to sources, it’s not exactly for the reasons you may think. While many have been led to believe that the NFL told EA Sports to remove the feature from the game entirely, that isn’t the case.

While it’s partially true, the NFL has never specifically “banned” the ability to create teams. Instead, it’s more of a case of them wanting a say in everything involved in the ability. One source said that the league wants to approve every jersey design, logo, etc. It’s a reason the locations and team names were what they were. It was the easiest way to get “new teams” in the game for features like relocation in franchise mode without having to jump through extra — and unnecessary — hoops. Things however, have gotten a bit easier for the developers despite the NFL still “getting in the way” of things at times.

Madden 24 sees the return of the same relocation feature as in recent games, however, there are a number of new cities to choose from. Also updated is how team names and logos work. Rather than the three choices per city, names and logos are available for any city no matter the location. There are also over 90+ uniforms that received refreshed designs with up to nine uniform combinations per team. So, while it’s not the create a team of old, Madden 24 does include better options for players looking to move a team to a new city.

Madden 24 launches on August 18 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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