What is the Deadlock Release Date?

Deadlock Gameplay

It’s been a while since Valve launched a new game. Their last title was Half-Life: Alyx in 2020. Before that, Dota 2 in 2013. They’re not the most active game development studio, but they positively affect the gaming community all the same. But we’re all eagerly awaiting what’s next from the team, and it appears we have our answer. It’s a hero-based shooter known as Deadlock. But more importantly, what is the Deadlock release date?

What is Deadlock?

Deadlock is supposedly a 6v6 hero shooter in which you’ll take on the role of one of many playable characters, with a roster that includes robots, wizards, and creatures of all types. You’ll utilize various weapons to deal long-range damage, cast healing abilities, and help your team with buffs and tools to win the match. Alongside the usual active combat, players will participate in tower defense gameplay, too.

It’s similar in style to, say, Overwatch or, more recently, Ubisoft’s XDefiant. Although, Valve’s offering appears more lighthearted and whimsical, like their past titles, such as Team Fortress 2.

Speaking of Team Fortress 2, many fans within the community are worried that Deadlock will replace it. That’s unlikely, though. They’re two completely unique and separate titles with different gameplay and communities.

What is the Deadlock Release Date?

Unfortunately, it’s extremely early days for Deadlock. As such, there is no current Deadlock release date available to the world, though there’s a rumor circulating that it’ll launch sometime in 2025.

However, knowing Valve, they’ll want the game perfect before launching worldwide. As such, we expect a delay or two before we see the full release!

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