Watch Dogs Series is Dead and Buried, It’s Claimed

In a new post on Twitter, known leaker j0nathan has claimed that they believe the Watch Dogs series is ‘dead and buried,’ possibly due to the poor performance of Watch Dogs: Legion.

Though loosely translated, the post also appears to suggest that Legion’s failure compromised “a fairly original Battle Royale.” While there have been no official updates on the series’ future regarding new games, last month, new reports revealed that a Watch Dogs movie adaptation is in the works from New Regency.

Despite the perception of the series, Ubisoft’s AAA games frequently sell just fine. The Watch Dogs series had solid performances for the first two games. The original game hit 10 million copies sold in 2014. Watch Dogs 2 launched in 2016, selling 10 million units by March 2020.

An old report from VGChartz adds that Watch Dogs: Legion managed to sell 1.9 million digital units in just three days. The article sourced SuperData for the sales information. In the UK, the game also made the top 20 PlayStation 5 sales in January 2023, according to a GI Biz report.

However, Watch Dogs: Legion received mixed reviews from the fanbase. On Metacritic, Legion’s user rating currently stands at 6.2, a steep drop from Watch Dogs 2’s 7.7.

Since a Watch Dogs movie is in the works, Ubisoft might still try to bank on the mainstream appeal to continue the game series in some way.

Ubisoft is yet to comment on the future of the Watch Dogs series.

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