Unity’s New CEO Nets Millions Months After Layoffs and Scandals

matthew bromberg

Unity has formally announced that Matthew Bromberg has stepped into the role of CEO at the firm. Bromberg, who was previously COO at Zynga, will reportedly receive an $850,000 base salary and a sign-on bonus worth $2 million. He comes to Unity with twenty years of experience in the industry, and once upon a time held senior positions at Electronic Arts.

A Rough Year

Toward the end of 2023, Unity found itself in hot water when nefarious price hikes were revealed. This didn’t sit well with the community, leading to something of a boycott of the tech titan that led to the former CEO stepping down. In January, it was announced that Unity would be laying off more than a quarter of its workforce to ‘drive long-term success and profitability’. At one point, Unity was shutting offices because of ‘credible death threats’.

Matthew Bromberg is stepping into his role at a tentative time for the business.

In a statement, Bromberg said:

I am thrilled to join Unity as it embraces its next chapter. I look forward to working with Jim, the Board, and the incredible people of Unity to provide the best integrated platform for creators to bring great games and experiences to their audiences globally while also helping accelerate the Company’s revenue growth and profitability.

Bromberg’s financials were revealed in a report published by Game Developer. It’s an eye-watering sum for anyone to receive, least of all an executive coming into a company that was trying to ramp up royalties mere months ago and laying off vast swathes of employees amid utter turmoil.

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