Ubisoft+ Could Arrive On Xbox This Month, It’s Claimed

ubisoft plus xbox

There’s a possibility that Ubisoft+ (Ubisoft Plus) could be making an appearance on Xbox platforms this month, according to updates made to a string of Ubisoft titles in recent hours. It has been noticed that a string of titles on the store (specifically for Xbox platforms) have been made free, for seemingly no reason.

It was more than a year ago that Ubisoft itself stepped out to declare that its advantageous subscription service would be ported to Xbox “at some point”, but up until now, no further news has been shared.

The Entire Library, Blown Wide Open

Out of all the subscription services out there, Ubisoft Plus really does offer up a fantastic deal. With a subscription, players get access to every single first-party Ubisoft game ever made (almost), at the highest level possible.

That includes day-one releases, all expansions and DLCs, and any bonus content added to the games. It’s one heck of a package, and for fans of franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, The Division, or Rainbow Six, it’s a must-have.

Here’s a screenshot taken by Twitter user @MauroNL3 that shows the mysterious changes having taken place in the store:

There’s a date associated with the new prices, showing that this cryptic sale will end between the 16th and 17th of January. There are no announcements scheduled for then, and the newly-revealed Developer_Direct from Xbox and Bethesda has had no mention of a Ubisoft reveal taking place.

It’s worth stressing that, at present, it seems as though Ubisoft Plus would not be available with Game Pass Ultimate, but would instead appear on the platform as an extra, added subscription. There’s absolutely no indication that this would be a Game Pass deal, but it could follow a similar journey to EA Play, which was added to Xbox platforms years ago before ultimately being included in Game Pass Ultimate.

As always, this claim should be taken with a pinch of salt, as in August 2022, a similar rumour began surfacing. Admittedly, it wasn’t paired up with a sale that made games totally free, so who knows?

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