Ubisoft Plus Could Be Split Into Tiers, Survey Suggests

ubisoft plus tiers

It was recently revealed in a GOG survey that Ubisoft Plus could be split into several tiers in the near future, giving players more options to customise what it is that they receive, paying less (or more) for their chosen tier.

In the survey, there are questions aimed at subscription services, with GOG probing users to determine what they’re already subscribed to, what they might subscribe to, and if GOG’s platform was to feature its own subscription model, how would said users like it to work?

Is Ubisoft Plus Worth It In The First Place?

Ubisoft Plus (stylised as Ubisoft+) first launched in 2019, but back then, it was originally named ‘Uplay+’. It was then and always has been a fantastic service for any gamer looking to obtain the entire Ubisoft line-up in a single sweep, opening the door to franchises like Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, and Rainbow Six.

It was originally a PC-only service, but in the last couple of years, Ubisoft has pushed the service out across other platforms. Now, it seems as though another change is coming to the service, in the form of subscription tiers. Hours ago, a post on Reddit revealed that answers offered in a GOG survey may have potentially uncovered new tiers for Ubisoft Plus:

  • Ubisoft Plus Gold
  • Ubisoft Plus Ultimate
  • Ubisoft Plus Deluxe

This concept isn’t exactly a far-fetched one – a while ago, EA took its ‘Origin Access’ product and introduced an all-new tier, Origin Access Premier, which was more expensive but gave subscribers many more advantages.

There’s a relatively simple path that one could assume Ubisoft would take here, and here’s an example of how it could work:

  • Ubisoft Plus Gold: Access to a back catalogue of Ubisoft titles.
  • Ubisoft Plus Ultimate: Access to a back catalogue of Ubisoft titles plus new releases on Day One.
  • Ubisoft Plus Deluxe: Access to a back catalogue of Ubisoft titles plus new releases on Day One plus exclusive content plus discounts in the Ubisoft Store.

That’s nothing confirmed – it’s just one writer’s humble assumption. As always, ‘leaks’ such as this should be taken lightly, as until they’re confirmed by the service provider, they’re not guaranteed to be implemented.

UPDATE: GOG has reached out to Insider Gaming to clarify that the survey tiers were a mistake and the options have been corrected in the survey.

The correct information now states:

  • Ubisoft+ : For $14.99/month, Ubisoft+ subscribers enjoy unlimited access to download more than 100 games on PC, as well as back catalog games, premium editions, and additional content packs.
  • Ubisoft+ Multi Access: Available for $17.99/month, with Ubisoft+ Multi Access, players can also stream games on Amazon Luna.

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