New Sony XDEV Sci-Fi RPG Leaks, Alleged Gameplay Surfaces

sony xdev project

Hours ago, a short clip surfaced online that purportedly shows an all-new Sony sci-fi RPG title being developed by its subsidiary, XDEV. In a six-second clip, first revealed by IconEra, a third-person perspective game is shown, portraying what appears to be a soldier or astronaut observing some kind of enormous lifeform scaling a strange building.

According to leakers, this unnamed project is in its earliest stages, which is apparent by the gameplay shown. There were details revealed that suggest the game is being built on Unreal Engine 5, and as it’s being worked on by XDEV (and another unnamed developer), it could boast the power of the team responsible for helping out with Death Stranding, Returnal, and Detroit: Become Human.

Gears of Effect?

In the earliest stages of its development, the alleged new IP does appear rather generic at first. It seems to have taken on elements of other popular titles, such as Gears of War and Mass Effect, which has led to users on Reddit and Twitter already pre-branding it… Gears of Effect.

Here’s the quick clip for reference:

Source: IconEra

There are some expectations that this could be one of the many ‘live service games’ that Sony intends to ship by 2026, as revealed in a recent report. However, some are saying, admittedly with a tongue-in-cheek vibe, that this could be an attempt to rival Starfield, the open-world sci-fi epic headed to Xbox and PC platforms later this year.

In the short clip, there’s quite a lot to take away from the assumed project. For instance, it looks as though the pictured character is standing on a ruined, broken road that gives way to apocalyptic vibes. There’s an enormous lifeform scaling some kind of other-worldly construct, which could suggest some kind of alien invasion-based content.

Honestly, it could be something akin to Shadow of the Colossus, with a modern-day trooper being tasked with taking down massive, hyper-threatening enemies. At the moment, it’s completely open for interpretation, and it’s hopeful that we’ll learn more in the coming months.

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