Ubisoft Cancels Three Games Amid Plummeting Sales

ubisoft cancellations

It’s a strange time for Ubisoft, it seems. It was mere months ago that the studio announced a massive Assassin’s Creed resurgence, amongst other things, and there are currently rumours circulating that suggest Ubisoft Plus could be coming to Xbox.

Last year, Tencent invested more in the firm, raising its stake and injecting the company with almost $300 million. Following that news, Ubisoft’s share value crashed by more than 17%, with shareholders believing a full takeover was imminent.

Now, according to a report, it seems that Ubisoft is back in the hole amid ‘surprisingly slow’ sales, as the firm has cancelled three unannounced games in a bid to claw back $200 million in funds.

What Has Ubisoft Cancelled?

We may never know what games Ubisoft has cancelled, unless they’re obvious, of course. There’s a little confirmation in the fact that they were unannounced projects, which means that the cancellations could have impacted Watchdogs 4 or The Division 3, for example.

According to a tweet posted by user @stephentotilo, Ubisoft canned these projects following ‘surprisingly slower’ sales of late. There’s a desperate need to recoup losses, and apparently, the organisation is trying to reduce costs by at least $200 million.

On Twitter, Totilo also explained that Skull & Bones is delayed again, for what seems like the tenth time, and it’s now expected to be released sometime in the region of 2023 – 2024. Furthermore, Ubisoft also apparently has one unannounced game that is ‘large’ that it’s yet to reveal that hasn’t been cancelled, which should be revealed later this year.

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In July 2022, Ubisoft scrapped four games, including the Splinter Cell VR project and Ghost Recon Frontline, and the total now stands at seven cancelled titles in less than six months. As Ubisoft’s last major release was over a year ago and most of its franchises are sitting awaiting something new, all these cancellations cannot spell out good things for the future of the firm.

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  1. They made their bed, they’ve been making shitty decisions for years. It’ll be a shame of Tencent ever actually takes for the company, but I haven’t bought a new Ubisoft title in years because of anti-consumer practices, and stagnating franchises.

  2. Ubi does a terrible job at listening to fans of their product. They also keep creating these games that are unnecessarily non playable off line. Why do you need to be online to play a campaign? Not to mention the day to week long blackouts because of server glitches…

    Division and watchdog titles were @$$ from the start and they made multiple sequels of both…???

  3. Man I wish they wouldn’t cancel their games . I really enjoy playing Ubisoft games for the graphics and storylines. . They beat out other games I think

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