Twitch Streamer Breaks Her Back at Twitchcon, it’s Claimed

Former porn star and now Twitch streamer Adriana Checkik has allegedly broken her back in two places following an incident at Twitchcon, she’s claimed.

Video footage online shows Adriana jumping from a platform into a foam pit where the injury apparently occurred. The footage shows Adriana jumping into the pit and then rolling onto her belly as she tries to leave, but appears she can’t because of her injury.

She claimed on Twitter that she’s broken her back in two places and will need surgery to put “a meter rod in [her back] for support”.

The footage clearly shows that either the foam pit was too shallow or the foam blocks used to break people’s falls were too hard.

Tweets online have said that the foam pit didn’t have the correct safety procedures in place, with the foam pit having a concrete slab below it.

“Getting injured because they didn’t pad the concrete slab below the foam pit. Even things as small as signage.”, said Twitch Partner Mike from PA.

If Adriana’s claims are true, it could mean that Twitch will face a lawsuit in the future – which is something people have been saying should happen online.

Such an injury could lead to longtime altercations in the future and the twitchcon broken back incident could be a huge case moving forward.

Another attendee at Twitchcon had also reportedly dislocated her knee at the foam pit earlier in the day, another tweet says.

Last month, Twitch stated that from October 18th, a new policy update will “prohibit streaming of gambling sites that include slots, roulette, or games that aren’t licensed either in the U.S. or other jurisdictions that provide sufficient customer protection.”

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  1. wow twitch is gonna be hurt big time by a lawsuit they had a dislocated knee injury earlier in the day from the same pit if she ended up dying or someone else they would be ultra fucked

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