Thomas The Tank Engine Debuts in Hilarious Alien: Isolation Mod

Alien Isolation Android And Thomas Mod

Alien: Isolation finally has a new mod that transforms its stalking xenomorph enemy into Thomas the Tank Engine, which is equally amusing and off-putting. You can watch some gameplay footage courtesy of Matt Filer’s YouTube channel:

Alien: Isolation remains a high bar for the franchise, even among recent additions like Dark Descent. But Alien: Isolation’s claustrophobic spaces were a perfect invitation for Thomas the Tank Engine to feel misplaced. It results in some legitimate laughs, as Thomas frequently fills the scene as he roams.

Still, it’s also a little unnerving when childhood nostalgia is twisted properly. Thomas’ blank smile and doll eyes are easy to project with. In fact, it partly resembles the xenomorph’s facelessness. The contrast between Thomas’ apparent delight and any coldhearted horror is surely why he’s been modded into so many games.

But Alien: Isolation is probably one of Thomas’ more successful adventures, thanks to the roaming and player vulnerability. Other instances of Thomas tend to feel similar to the desperate action in Choo-Choo Charles, an indie horror hit that cleverly created its own scary train. In Alien: Isolation, you’ll spend much of the early or late game hiding in terror.

The details of the Alien: Isolation mod also give Thomas the Tank Engine some excellent animation during combat. The attacks feel painstaking and more gleeful than the xenomorph kills.

Adding Thomas into Alien: Isolation was a timely idea for the season, and it’s clear that a lot of care went into this mod. It’s pretty seamless, even in the cinematics. For fans who already enjoyed Alien: Isolation, this is an excellent excuse to revisit the story.

There isn’t quite as much variety in this game’s level design, compared to other mods. But there are countless situations that are genuinely creepy, so it’s sure to constantly produce something bizarre enough to laugh or jump at.

Fans can get considerably creative. If you’re a longtime horror fan, tell us about some of your favorite modded enemies!

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