The Xbox Series S Is More Popular Than The Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S is more popular than the Xbox Series X. That’s according to documents from the recent court leaks from Microsoft vs. FTC.

A heavily redacted document from the case shows that nearly 75%, 74.8% to be exact, of Xbox Series owners own a Series S. That leaves just about 25% of Series owners with a Series X.

The idea that the Xbox Series S is the more popular of the two Xbox consoles isn’t all that surprising. Despite not being able to hit 4K resolution nor having the power to have the same features as some games on the Series X, the console is still $200 less than the Series X. Spending $299 compared to $499 is a much better option for many gamers. Even the newly launched black Xbox Series S with a 1TB SSD that costs $349 is still a better deal for many, especially those who don’t care about physical media while still using 1080p TVs.

Of course, the data is from 2022, so the exact numbers are likely to have changed.

What do you think about the Xbox Series S being more popular than the Xbox Series X? Does it surprise you at all? For more Insider Gaming, check out nearly one hour of Lords of the Fallen gameplay.