The PlayStation 3 Isn’t Dead Yet!

PlayStation 3 firmware update

Dust off that old PlayStation 3 because Sony has made it clear that the system isn’t dead yet. The company has released a new firmware update — Version 4.90 — for the nearly 17-year-old console.

“An update to the PlayStation 3 system software was released on 28/02/23,” Sony says on its PlayStation website. “In order to download the update, you need a minimum 200MB of free space on either the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update).”

As far as what this firmware update does, you might want to sit down for this one.

“This system software update improves system performance,” the company says.

How it improves system performance, that’s up for debate. After all, how much more improvement can someone get out of a console that launched back in 2006?

Regarding the usefulness of the PlayStation 3, it’s still a console getting playtime, even in 2023. According to the site PS Timetracker, which isn’t the deepest tracker but still gives a good idea of what’s being played, Red Dead Redemption was the most active PlayStation 3 title. Other titles like Minecraft, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Grand Theft Auto IV also remain popular on the system.

Do you still fire up your PlayStation 3?

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  1. They do these updates to fight against jailbreaks. Anytime you see the generic “improves system performance” its just an update to keep jailbroken consoles offline, and try preventing people from doing it.

  2. NCAA Football 14 is a huge reason why many people still have a PS3/XB360.

    I just wish the system didn’t have to get “modded” just in order to install College Football Revamped.

  3. I still play my PS3 dead space 1.2.3 and mass affect 2.3 and my favourite game at moment is Dishonored

  4. I bought a PS3 Jan 2023 mainly for the PSone Classics in my PSN account. Picked up some PlayStation exclusives like, Uncharted series and Infamous series from my local OP Shop.

  5. I still play my ps3 super slim 500gb every week I brought one 4 months with 25 games 22 digital and 3 disc with all the cords and one controller for 91 dollars it was worth every dollar to get so many classic games like the sly cooper collection God of war 1 and 2, Jack and Daxter collection, and so many more titles. The best part about it is the free online and it is so many people playing online its ridiculous especially playing games like call of duty. I recommend you get one not just as a collector piece but for gaming it’s alot of fun titles to chose from and games are very cheap to get.

  6. This is how I play MW3 this version is the best for Call of Duty why not make this EXACT version for Playstation 5 please please please oh it will sell off the shelf ??

  7. Whatever the reason for them doing this is irrelevant to me really. I am kinda glad they did do this for the few of us that still DO play our PS3 every once & a while. I haven’t had my PS5 all that long and I’m playing my PS3 over it right now. Mainly to play the God of War series from the very start again. On a side note, to those who haven’t played the original games- including PSP titles- I totally recommend playing before the 2 new games for multiple reasons. It just makes Kratos & the new games’ story that much deeper, knowing where he came from, what he has done, & the trauma he has been through then & now to get to where he is now in the new games. Mainly why he had to flee Greece & basically start a new life. Sorry for getting way off subject.??

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