Last of Us Actor Refers To Prequel Spin-Off

the last of us prequel

This weekend, HBO’s The Last of Us secured an Emmy sweep, picking up a whopping eight awards. One of these awards was handed to Nick Offerman, who portrayed Bill in one of the series’ most poignant episodes, and following his receipt of the award, he spoke to Deadline about a potential prequel-based spin-off from the main series. This would focus on Bill and Frank, the two characters with their own feature-length episode in Season One of The Last of Us.

Will Bill and Frank Get Their Own Show?

In the first season of The Last of Us, viewers were introduced to Bill and Frank in the third episode, ‘A Long, Long Time’. It’s an episode that has been lauded as one of the best viewing experiences of the decade and has been branded a ‘heart-wrenching’ watch. Nick Offerman, who portrayed Bill, picked up the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series.

He then sat down with Deadline and talked about a potential spin-off (or prequel) featuring his character.

Oh, great question but I would have to ask somebody with a higher pay grade than myself. It certainly has been pitched. I think we pitched a whole mini-series of a prequel of their lives before they met each other. It could be a musical. We’re not short on ideas. We’ll just we’ll see what Craig and Neil come up with.

By ‘Craig’ and ‘Neil’, Offerman was referring to Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, the writers and producers of the series. He then went on to stress that he’d ‘love to reprise the role’, jokingly talking about how lucky he was to land it in the first place. I won’t delve into the story of Bill in The Last of Us in case you haven’t watched the show yet, I’ll say that it’s an episode worth watching with a tissue or two handy.

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