The Division 2 Season 11 Is Finally Available

The Division 2 season 11

After being delayed because of development issues, Ubisoft has announced that The Division 2 Season 11 is finally available.

Known as Reign of Fire, the third and final season of year four brings players a new target, new weapons, new gear, and a number of overall game improvements.

The focal point of Season 11 is a new battle and mission that players have to encounter.

“An alliance has been formed between the Black Tusk and the True Sons! But with Captain Lewis’ troops now siding with The Division, new battle lines are drawn,” Ubisoft says.

This leads to a new target named Zachary “Stovepipe” Beattie. The Division has the task of finding as much information as possible to track down Stovepipe. To do so, players will be required to take down four new targets: Charles “Chunks” Crawford, Lieutenant Bantam, Mort “Cursed” Kellogg, and Beatrice “Auntie” Kaplan. After taking down the four targets, The Division will be able to locate Stovepipe.

As far as new gear is concerned, Season 11 of The Division 2 comes with new exotic and named weapons like the Sacrum Imperium, Prophet Police 686 Magnum revolver, Relic G28 Marksmen Rifle, and Talent Determined. There is also new gear that comes with various pros and cons.

The NinjaBike Messenger Bag lets players unlock bonuses from multiple sets simultaneously. Hotshot is a gear set that gives players 30% Marksman Rifle damage and stability as well as a 30% boost to headshot damage. The Habsburg Guard brand set gives players +15% headshot damage, +15% Marksman Rifle damage, and 10% status effect.

Lastly, players with the game’s season pass have access to the following:

  • 12 new weapon skins
  • 11 new gear dyes
  • Two new facemasks.

For the full list of patch notes and other details, you can check out the game’s official website.

Are you going to try out The Division 2 Season 11?

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