Apex Legends Season 17 ‘Ballistic’ Character Art Leaks Online

Apex Legends Mobile

Artwork for an upcoming legend for Season 17 of Apex Legends named Ballistic has been leaked online.

The latest images to appear on Reddit show various designs for the upcoming legend, who is believed to be called Ballistic. Details on the character have cropped up in leaks as far back as Season 13, but only recently have we had a chance to look at his design.

Dressed in shades and sporting a long jacket with a shirt, waistcoat, and tie, Ballistic looks to be an older man with grey hair. He’s believed to be an arms dealer with close ties to the Apex Games, though it’s worth bearing in mind that leaked details can all change ahead of the character’s full release.

Previous leaks relating to Ballistic have featured information relating to his in-game abilities. These include the passive ability to carry a third weapon, though without any attachments. His tactical is said to be a shot that debuffs enemies, causing their guns to overheat when fired too quickly.

Finally, Ballistic’s Ultimate is believed to be a buff that decks out his third weapon slot with the best stats and attachments. It is also said to grant his squad infinite ammo while boosting both reload and move speed.

As further information on the character and his abilities seeps out into the wilds, it’s looking more likely than ever that Ballistic will arrive as part of Apex Legends Season 17. There’s no official start date for that season just yet, but expectations are that it’ll kick off sometime in May.

Insider Gaming is able to verify that the images leaked online are legitimate and we’ll have a thorough report on what to expect from Season 17 at a later date.

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