Amnesia: The Bunker’s Halloween Update ‘Only For The Hardest of Horror Fans’

amnesia the bunker amnesia

Amnesia: The Bunker is getting a sizeable free-to-access Halloween update that’ll make the game so terrifying that it has been recommended for ‘the hardest of horror fans’ only. It was back in June that Amnesia: The Bunker hit the market, enjoying a positive reception and strong reviews, furthering the series’ presence as one of the pioneers of the modern horror genre.

Scary Becomes Scarier

In this all-new update, the award-winning game will pick up two new modes – ‘Shell Shock’ and ‘Custom’.

For those jumping into the latter mode, a full playthrough of the base game is first required, but once that box has been ticked, the entire experience can be curated and tweaked thanks to ‘more than’ thirty customisable settings.

Here’s the trailer for the update:

However, Shell Shock mode is where true horror games will be able to test their mettle and prove their bravery. There is a stack of new features and several key gameplay amendments that go hand-in-hand with Shell Shock mode that turns the game from a scare-fest to something downright horrifying:

  • Creature behaviour tweaked to increase ‘unpredictability’
  • Sublevel ‘Fuse System’ makes lighting mechanics more intense
  • Hardcore Health System
  • Randomisation of containers
  • Saving costs fuel
  • Weapons aren’t available from the start
  • Safe room is… No longer safe

If you’re not all that excited about leaping straight into the Shell Shock mode, you can test your skills out first in a new ‘Training Grounds’ environment.

Amnesia recently made our list of the best horror games of all time – are you going to test your bravery and download the update?

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