Tarkov Is Wiping Today – Here’s Everything You Need to Know About 0.14

tarkov patch 0.14

It’s time for 0.14 to be deployed in Escape From Tarkov following one of the shortest gaps between wipes in the seven-year history of the game. It’s a time for jubilation, as millions of Tarkov players from around the world flood the platform to experience the game’s earliest stages and missions once again – but as they do so, they’ll be exploring all the new content that Battlestate Games has poured into the title’s ecosystem.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Tarkov 0.14 update.

What’s Happening in 0.14 in Tarkov?

There are a huge amount of changes and additions coming to Escape From Tarkov with Patch 0.14, which will also include a wipe, resetting the game for every player and putting everyone on level pegging.

At the top of the table sits the gem of this patch – the new map. It’s called Ground Zero, and it’s a unique map for one core reason: you can only access it if you’re under LL20. That means that once you’ve gone beyond that level, you won’t be able to play on the map. It’s a ‘starter map’ designed for beginner players – but everyone knows that the game’s best competitors don’t let something like a low level slow them down.

There’s a new boss, too. His name is Kollontay and he’s a fearsome individual, boasting thick armour and a group of dedicated guards that will waste no time in decimating any opponents. He’ll appear on Streets of Tarkov along with Kaban, who also has a host of new guards.

With Tarkov 0.14, achievements and a new ‘Hall of Fame’ have been added to the game, giving players something to aim for outside of tasks and skill levels. There’s a tie-in with these features that’ll give players a viewable profile, so others can check out their skills, statistics, bio, and more information whenever they desire.

Shoreline has been reworked, with Battlestate Games adding new areas, updating the map’s visuals and lighting, changing points of interest, and inserting more than thirty new containers and stashes across the map.

Here are the new weapons coming to Tarkov with 0.14:

  • KBP 9A-91 9×39 AR
  • KBP VSK-94 9×39 AR
  • SIG MCX SPEAR 6.8×51 AR
  • RPD 7.62×39 MG
  • RPDN 7.62×39 MG

Outside of weaponry, changes have been made to how the armour system works in the game. It’s no longer a case of just equipping a vest or an armoured rig and going wild – you’ll now need to worry about the individual ballistic plates inside that piece of armour. They’re what you’ll be buying, selling, and repairing, and not the vest itself, giving you the option to customise where and how you’re armoured up.

On Streets of Tarkov, there’s a new BTR-82A that roams the area that can be ‘bought’ for a range of services. For instance, it can be used as a protective ‘taxi’ to travel across the city, it can be used as a mid-raid stash system, or it can provide cover fire to PMCs in need. It can only be used by PMCs, and it’s a formidable machine. It’s important to bear in mind that it’s neutral until someone triggers the cover-fire function, though.

If all that wasn’t enough, Battlestate has also added vaulting and traversal mechanics, shoulder transitions, tweaked the controls (your custom binds have been reset), adjusted recoil mechanics, added special Lightkeeper services, amended the AI of Scav enemies, altered trading mechanics, and balanced dozens of quests.

That is a massive, monumental update. Have fun!

Here are the full patch notes: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/news/id/277

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