Tarkov’s New Features Being Teased by Battlestate

escape from tarkov new features

There’s a wipe for Escape From Tarkov just around the corner, and the developer has started rolling out teasers and showcases of the new features coming with that sizeable update. Fans are excited, as some of these changes will impact everything from the weapons they use to how they move around the game – and some of these updates have been on the back burner for years.

What Is Happening in Tarkov?

In December, Tarkov will ‘wipe’, meaning that the game will be reset globally, putting every player back down to level pegging and forcing them to start everything again from the beginning. Typically, a wipe is accompanied by a chunky update that brings new content, weapons, maps, modes, and characters to the game – and December’s update is no different.

On the last day, the Escape From Tarkov Twitter profile shared snippets showcasing several new features coming to the game, including:

And on top of that, there’s a new map coming named Ground Zero, which is reserved exclusively for low-level players.

It isn’t yet known when the next Tarkov wipe will be, but we know it’s landing at some point in December, adding these new features to the game overnight.

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