A New Tarkov Map is Coming for Low-Level Players

new tarkov map

It has been revealed that there’s an all-new, small-form map coming to Escape From Tarkov when the game wipes in December (or shortly after). It’s called Ground Zero, and lore-wise, it’s the location where everything kicked off that led to Norvinsk – Tarkov’s fictional in-game region – becoming war-torn.

However, this map boasts a twist that hasn’t been seen before. It’s being reserved exclusively for low-level PMCs. There’s a cap that’s going to be in place, meaning that once you hit a certain level, you won’t be able to raid into Ground Zero as a PMC character – but you’ll still be able to loop the map as a Scav.

Go Into Ground Zero

In teasers, a smaller map has been shown, revealing a collection of buildings gathered around two or three roads, with a handful of extraction points being scattered around the edges of the map. It features larger buildings – including a Terragroup headquarters – but it’s not yet known to what extent they’ll be explorable.

It’s expected that Ground Zero makes up the very central portion of the city of Tarkov, but it’s not going to be incorporated into Streets of Tarkov. Instead, it’s being released as a standalone experience with the next wipe in Escape From Tarkov.

Recently, Battlestate Games – Tarkov’s developer – revealed a slew of new content, updates, and changes coming to Escape From Tarkov in the coming weeks. As we move into 2024, the face of Escape From Tarkov is evolving, and that includes players getting access to Arena, the all-new competitive experience that enters a closed beta in December.

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  1. Thank god. Nothing sucks more in Tarkov then to start half-way through a wipe and face fully geared players while you’re using gear thats below scav quality.

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