New Escape From Tarkov Event Locks Maps Behind Item Walls

tarkov event

Moments ago, those playing Escape From Tarkov found themselves perplexed as all but one map in the game was suddenly locked behind an in-game paywall. There are now certain items required to gain access to every map but Customs – but the situation is fluid, and there’s a way to unlock the other maps.

It’s a community event -potentially even a pre-wipe event – and it needs players to gang up and contribute. On every map, a certain kill target will need to be reached before the next map has its entry requirement removed – progress can be tracked on this site here.

What’s the New Tarkov Event All About?

It came out of nowhere, and it’s annoying some players.

There are now entry requirements for each map – until all the needed kills have been collected and they’re opened up again. At the time of publishing, only Customs has no entry requirement. Here’s what you’ll need to get into each map, and take note – the prices for them at the Flea Market are skyrocketing:

  • Reserve: Gold Skull Ring
  • Factory: Aquamari
  • Interchange: Kite Gunpowder
  • Shoreline: SG-C10
  • Lighthouse: LCD Panel
  • Woods: D Fuel
  • Streets of Tarkov: AHF-1 Injector

And of course, Labs still requires an access keycard.

Reportedly, this event doesn’t impact new players, and it’s assumed that means any players below level five in-game. There’s an ongoing debate regarding whether or not this could be Battelstate Games gearing up for the next wipe, and with mere weeks until the expected wipe, it very well could be.

However, this will now make Tarkov a very dangerous place throughout the weekend. It almost guarantees that the current map players are ‘unlocking’ will be packed full of PMCs trying to kill everything that moves – so be on your guard.

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  1. GARBAGE EVENT FOR A NEW PLAYER (16) its tough grinding out 15 levels to get to flea market at level 15 at this late in the wipe and this is akick in the nuts

  2. Hahaha! Oh man, they’re working on one of the final phases. In the release, you will only start with one map and you have to survive as well as complete the story mode assignments to advance to the next map. Then the next maps get progressively harder.

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