Tarkov’s Biggest Creator: ‘Cheating Is Out of Control’

escape from tarkov PvE

Escape from Tarkov is almost three weeks into one of its periodic resets and global updates, and for the most part, players are satisfied with the changes that developer Battlestate Games introduced this time around. In the 0.14 patch, a new map was added, new tasks were released, there were changes made to armour and recoil mechanics, and existing maps underwent some changes, among other things.

However, there’s one troublesome issue that’s enraging Tarkov players the world over, and it has been addressed by the game’s most prolific creator in a video. It has been stressed by countless people that following the most recent ‘wipe’, cheating is out of control and making the infamous extraction shooter miserable to play.

‘The Worst State Ever’

In a recent YouTube video, Pestily spoke at length about the state of Escape from Tarkov and all the recent changes made to the game – and what’s coming soon.

During one of the longest portions of this video, he condemned the game’s cheater-fuelled pandemic, mentioning how malicious operators are becoming much more visible thanks to Battlestate’s recent ‘profile’ addition that lets you see a player’s statistics and achievements. This is helping to reveal cheaters thanks to their bizarre, astronomically high kill/death ratios, primarily.

He referenced a growth in ‘old users’ turning to cheats – potentially to combat the slew of hackers ruining their fun.

It’s upsetting to see that people that have been playing this game for so long are cheating.

The latest trend has seen cheaters make use of intelligent ‘loot vacuum’ cheats. It’s by no means a new concept, but the technology is getting better, and a cheater can enter a raid and within seconds, they’ve siphoned all the top-tier loot out of the map, leaving them free to leave with stacks of ‘stolen’ goods. This is one issue that Pestily discussed at length, alongside the number of players ‘tanking their KD’, for whatever reason.

Days ago, Battlestate Games revealed that 11,000 cheaters were banned within the span of two weeks – but the waves of cheaters are relentless.

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