Tarkov Arena Now Has Unranked Play Available

Battlestate Games released a new update for Escape from Tarkov Arena recently, adding a sought-after ‘unranked’ mode to the game’s ecosystem. Since launching in December 2023, Tarkov Arena has only featured a challenging ranked rotation, and many players were left requesting something a little more casual to facilitate their break from Escape from Tarkov’s punishing extraction shooter gameplay loop.

Battlestate has answered those calls, adding unranked to Tarkov Arena and making a series of changes in response to some community feedback.

Unranked But Not Easier

There are a few tweaks that have been applied to make Tarkov Arena’s unranked modes feel more casual, but it doesn’t mean that the game is ‘easier’. There’s more freedom, but it’s still a tough-as-nails shooter that requires snapshot reflexes and intense situational awareness – even more so now that some other, more punishing changes have been applied.

Tarkov Arena’s unranked mode will feature TeamFight and ShootOut – but players competing in these modes won’t earn any ARP, only cash (which has been boosted for unranked). There are no team restrictions, which means everyone can run wild with the same preset if they so desire, and stats have been split between ranked and unranked, so you won’t spoil your hard-earned numbers.

Elsewhere, Battlestate Games has addressed issues with audio, VoIP, and team-kill penalties. There has been a global reduction in the number of team kills needed to be warned and then kicked, which will help target those ruining the fun of others.

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