Super Mario Bros. Wonder Sales Surpass 4 Million Copies

Super Mario Bros Wonder Sales

Super Mario Bros Wonder has been an incredible success for Nintendo as the company announced that the game has surpassed 4.3 million in total unit sales through the game’s first two weeks on the market.

The sales numbers make it the “biggest release for a Super Mario title”, according to Nintendo.

In addition to the high launch numbers, Nintendo anticipates the game selling well as it ages in the coming weeks and months.

“Super Mario-related titles also tend to sell consistently over a long period of time,” Nintendo said. “We anticipate this title will be an appealing choice for consumers during the upcoming holiday season and will continue to sell next year onwards as well.”

As far as why the numbers were so high, Nintendo says that it believes a couple of factors contributed to the success.

“This title provides surprising new 2D Mario experiences, and we believe that this, in conjunction with global excitement from The Super Mario Bros. Movie, resulted in the large sales volume,” the company said.

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