Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch Gameplay Leaks Online

Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch Gameplay

Hogwarts Legacy is finally coming to Nintendo Switch, and gameplay has already been leaked online ahead of its November 14 release date.

Though it’s not supposed to be available to purchase, one lucky player was able to get access to the game ahead of time. Tal Helfgott was able to play some of the game but did say that the full game wasn’t able to be played due to some of it needing to be downloaded.

“No day one patch for some reason,” he posted. “[And] inside the game I get a ‘game content not fully installed”, when I try to – I get the “pre-order” page, so can’t download the content.'”

You can check out the gameplay for yourself in the video below which wasn’t able to be captured via the Switch capture function.

Hogwarts Legacy first launched back in February for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and sold over 12 million copies in its first two weeks.

The last-gen Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version launched in May. The Switch version, which was supposed to be released around the same time, was ultimately delayed to November.

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